The following selection of work embodies what I find to be relevant to my admission into  the European Postgraduate Arts in Sound. Even though some presented work is visual, the work retains a strong relation to audio in processes used to create the work. Please note that these compositions lose some of their allure due not being presented on the intended medium.

Musical work

Selected musical works (2018 – 2019)
These selected works showcase my transition away from functional electronic dance music into a more ambient and experimental phase. Repetitive compositions with a focus on sound design, often accompanied by grainy textures. Changes, if any, are subtle and drawn out. All works are written and recorded by myself.
Note: None of these works have seen an official release and the works have not been mixed or mastered by a third party, differences in volume may occur. 

Sound design

Haze (2018)
     By Yeb Wiersma and Lotte Geeven
For their work ‘Haze’, Wiersma and Geeven flew over the city of the Hague, releasing a fine mist of pheromones over the city. This visual work accompanied the performance. I creating an audible representation of the work by using means similar to the process used by Wiersma and Geeven. Wiersma and Geeven used a pressure washer to spray water and filmed the result in slow motion. I reimagined this process by using a toy piano modified with pitch control to pitch down the notes into the extreme. To represent the aircraft, a drone hides in the low end,  alongside a  voice-over provided by the artists. 
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Choreography in Steel IV: Exclamations (2015)
     By Alexis Blake and Yeb Wiersma
For ‘Choreography in Steel IV’, I performed eleven short works, ranging from sampled works to soundscapes to original compositions, to accompany Blake and Wiersmas performance reacting to the oeuvre of my late great-grandmother Margot Zanstra.
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Calling from the periphery (2019)
     By Yeb Wiesma
‘Calling from the periphery’ is a four speaker installation at the Kröller Müller Museum, reacting to the oeuvre of Charlotte Posenenske. I worked Wiersma in regard to the placement of sound in space, emulating Posenenske’s use of shafts in her minimalist art.
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Audio-visual work

Gradients (2018)
     Video synthesis, digital recording
‘Grandients’ are two, ever so slowly, moving colour palettes. The works are to be projected on a ceiling, imitating a skylight, to portray a window into another world. The works are intentionally accompanied by silence.  

Man_walking (2019)
     Audio-visual synthesis, video recording 
‘Man_walking’ places a distant yet recognisable figure in television static on a cathode ray tube television. The work is accompanied by rhythmic noise drenched in white noise, embodying the walking figure surrounded by static. The audible white noise is also the visible static.  This figure has been a staple in my work. I tend to place the figure in synthesized compositions in order to indicate the contrast between the known and unknown.

Eyes, eyes, eyes (2019)
    Audio and video synthesis, video recording
‘Eyes, eyes, eyes’ (working title) features seven eyes on seven monitors. The work features an audio oscillator, represented in white on the screens. The eyes are made audible and react to the visible oscillator by dancing around the screens, causing slight alterations in the static they generate. 

Blue rectangle (2019)
     Audio-visual synthesis, video recording
I have included this small piece to demonstrate the capabilities of audio-visual synthesis. The rectangle is audible. The colour does not have an influence on the sound of the shape.