Job Worms (Amsterdam, 1992) is an audiovisual artist working with both audio and video synthesis. Job generates new worlds using analog synthesizers, exploring being and nothingness. Job has collaborated with other artists as sound designer and has most recently contributed to Calling From The Periphery (2019)  by Yeb Wiersma, exhibited in the Kröller-Müller museum.


Deconstructing the self

Deconstructing the self (2020) focusses on the process of change and reflection, capturing an intermediate state in the reform of insecurity and uncertainty.


The work shows an image of the artist in a state of perpetual change on two deconstructed televisions. The accompanying sound contain fragments of reflective statements by the artist, reconstructed to form a new, unrecognizable reality.

The work has been shown at the KASK graduation exhibition in September 2020.